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Professional Detailing Supplies for all Your Vehicle’s Needs


At Park Automotive, we understand that a certain method is applied to make sure that the detailing process is a success and that the vehicle looks amazing afterwards. In this case, we always tell our clients that high quality car detailing supplies as well as proper detailing techniques are necessary. Needless to say, we provide them with detailing kits and other car care products that are tried and tested to work effectively. Rest assured that when you turn to us for professional car detailing equipment, you will get premium quality products available in the market.


Park Automotive Provides the Following Car Detailing Supplies:


  • Compounds
  • Glazes
  • Waxes


Our Car Detailing Products

When you run a car detailing or smash repair business, it is highly important for you to have the correct tools and products. You will need the ideal type of clay bar, type of car polish, a dual action polisher or a polishing pad. Since you are catering to a wide range of customers, it is necessary to have a collection of car waxes suitable for every particular car colour. This is where we enter the picture.


At Park Automotive, we have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable and experts in the field of auto detailing. We took the time to identify the market leaders in the car detailing industry. Aggregating the best detailing products under one roof, we offer them to you at competitive prizes and in various sizes. Whether you are looking for bulk buy car care products or wholesale products, we can provide you with the products your need for your smash repair business.


Staying close to our principle of providing absolute customer satisfaction, we assist our clients through every step of the buying process. Should you have questions, we will be ready to answer you so you can get the professional car detailing products that you need. We understand that you too are business owners and you have a name to protect. That is why we assure you that if you turn to us for your supplies, you will get the highest quality auto detailing products in the market. Just take a look at some

of the brands we feature…


  • 3M – the world leader in car detailing supplies and equipment, including masking systems,

vehicle detailing items, respiratory and hearing protection essentials as well as dry sanding

products, among many others.


  • Gelson – a highly sought after brand when it comes to buff pads and discs; foam pads, sealants,

liquid polishes, microfibre cloths and rubbing compounds.


  • GPI Automotive – known for providing top-of- the-line refinishing products, including hand

sanders, masking films and overspray masking films.


  • Sikaflex – widely recognised for distributing polyurethane-based sealants and adhesives that are

highly recommended by car repair and detailing professionals.


  • U-Pol – an England-based company that manufactures and distributes refinishing products,

including bodyfillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives, tools and ancillaries.


When you turn to us for all your vehicle detailing needs, you can rest easy knowing that you will get

supplies that have been regarded as market leaders. Contact us today and let us help you make the

process for purchasing car detailing supplies a lot easier!


Contact us today and let us help you make your auto detailing project a lot easier!