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How to Maintain your Car’s Bodywork

One of the most valuable and essential possessions you have is your car. You practically use it for your daily activities—from travelling to work to running errands and getting to other places. So, if you want to successfully and smoothly accomplish your tasks, it is important that you keep your car in good shape.


Every now and then, you must bring your car to the auto shop to have the engine and other interior parts maintained. However, it is also important that you care for its bodywork. When you neglect to maintain your car’s exterior, it will catch rust and wear out faster. You have to keep in mind that your car is an extension of your personality. So, if it is looking rusty and unkempt, it sends a message to people as to what lifestyle you keep.


If you have the budget, then go ahead and regularly get a maintenance service for your car’s bodywork. However, it would still pay if you have some knowledge on car detailing and maintenance. In this way, you know what needs to be done and won’t be tricked into spending more than you’re supposed to.


Luckily for you, all the information you need can easily be acquired from the Internet. Just do the research, get the right car detailing supplies and maintain your car’s look yourself!


However, if you plan to go DIY on maintaining your vehicle’s bodywork, you should proceed with caution. You will find car detailing supplies that you can use to clean and resurface the paint. However, not all of them can be properly handled by inexperienced detailers. The tips we’ve prepared for you are generally all you would need to maintain your car’s bodywork.


Make it a Habit to Clean your Car

At least once or twice a month, you should schedule a full afternoon dedicated to cleaning your car. Remember to wash off grime, dirt, salt and bird’s poop. When you let these elements sit on your car’s exterior for a long time, they can cause staining, corrosion and rusting.


You also have to be diligent in cleaning your car when you live close to the sea or in an area that experiences snowfall. Salt from the sea and the road can damage your car’s exterior. Moreover, you can use a pressure-washing hose so you can efficiently clean the bottom of your vehicle.


Don’t Forget to Regularly Check Your Car’s Interior

Your car should be taken care of inside and out. So, aside from cleaning your car’s hood, roof, wheels and tyres, you should also spend time cleaning the dashboard, headliner, handles, carpet and rugs. For areas that are hard to reach, you can use an air compressor to blow the dirt onto the carpet. Using stiff brushes, clean the dirt off the upholstery and carpet. To protect your leather seats, use a conditioner that contains aloe so you can prevent the surface from chipping off.


Do not skip this step and ensure that you spend enough time to thoroughly clean your car. If you do not have the time to clean both the exterior and interior in one session, divide them into two weekends.


Apply Wax and Polish Your Car’s Surface

We all know that wax is mainly used as a polishing agent that will keep your car looking shiny and new. However, it also functions as a protective shield against corrosion. When purchasing car detailing supplies, avoid cutting compounds and choose non-abrasive wax instead. Water can seep through minor scratches and cause rusting.


If you live in an area with snow or salt water, choose a rustproofing agent that is compatible with the atmospheric conditions. When applying the wax, just use a large, soft sponge or a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface of your car. After applying the wax, buff the surface and use a clean, soft cloth to remove the excess wax.


Clean the Air Conditioning and Heating Ducts

Auto shops are good at making your car smell new. The secret behind this is using an air compressor to blow dirt and dust out of the air conditioning and heating ducts. Once a month, remember to remove your air filter and blow the dust and dirt out.


Every now and then, you can also place a tray of cat litter on the back seat or in the boot. Since cat litter is designed to efficiently and quickly absorb moisture, you can get rid of the nasty, mouldy smell inside your car.


Turn to Park Automotive for Car Detailing Supplies

It is true that maintaining your car’s bodywork can take a lot of energy and time. However, if you diligently clean, wax and polish it, you can save yourself from costly repairs in the long run.


If you have questions about all the car detailing supplies you’d need in maintaining your car, don’t hesitate to give Park Automotive a call. Our knowledgeable and highly trained car paint and detailing specialists will help you determine the right tools you need to get the job done.